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About Mithilanchal

is an ancient kingdom now split between northern Bihar in India and the Tarai region of Nepal. This site is a starting place to learn more about Mithila culture and history. It is also for people who would like to be updated on events taking place in and activities concerning the Maithil community. Also to Know about Mithilanchal, mithilanchal Brahmans, Madhubani pantings, Vidyapati, Maithil poets. Mithila is the place for maithils to interact about mithila culture, mithila literature, mithila network, mithila matrimonial. Mithila lies between NEPAL and INDIA.

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Mithilanchal is an epitome of culture and tradition. It is in the northern part of India. Once upon a time it was the kingdom of the region "Mithila" whose king was "Janak". That's why Janakpur was under the areas of Mithilanchal along with Sitamadhi , Darbhanga and some other districts. Mostly the language being spoken by the people of "Mithilanchal" is "Maithili". This site represents the tradition and culture of Mithilanchal through the photos and videos to aware the people of other area about Mithilanchal. This site also includes the pictures of the visiting places of Mithilanchal and their nearby places. It also includes the songs of the famous poet Vidyapati and the marriage video which shows the culture. Another section is added which gives the students, the information about various competitive exams.The festival of Mithilanchal can be known through the calendar section. Online Tests section includes the various links and thumbnails of various site providing free tests for various competitive exams like TOEFL, UPSC and Medical & Engineering Entrance Examination.Arcade is for free online Games and in forums section some important topics are in discussion every week. People can also get information about the various stories and the festivals through our Blogs section. You can also buy the famous painting of Mithilanchal called “Mithila Painting” also known as "Madhubani Painting" because of the place associated with.

Maithily & Mithila

Who is a Brahmin?

The caste of priests, of those who know and repeat the Vedas. This is the first of the four Hindu castes and belongs to the dvija or twice-born category. According to the Puranas, Brahmins were created from the mouth of Brahma (god: the sustainer of the life according to hindu mythology) so that they might instruct mankind. This was why they were considered the highest of the four castes, as they had the most to do with intellect. Since it was recognised that knowledge is the only thing that remains with a person throughout life, Brahmins, as teachers, were duly respected. The Brahmins conducted the daily rites, the purification ceremonies , sacrifices and taught the Vedas. Which they had to go through in the prescribed order. Since they were the teachers, preachers and priests they had to be proficient in sacred knowledge through the Vedas.

They had to maintain a strict code of conduct and exemplify ideal behavior. They were to be kind and gentle. For this, they earned certain privileges. They were regarded as the highest class and respected by all, to the extent that they were treated almost like gods by commoners and kings alike. They were given special gifts, dana, dakshina and were free from oppression and immune from capital punishment. It was considered to be the gravest of sins to kill a Brahmin. Only a priest could partake of the sacrificial Soma and eat the remains of the sacrifices, for no one else was regarded holy enough to eat the divine leftovers.

Initially, a person became a Brahmin on the basis of his knowledge of the Vedas. In time, the Brahmins began interpreting laws to their own advantage to maintain their privileges. And because of this unassailable social and moral authority, they were unchecked. Thus, according to the Brahmins themselves, they were the chiefs of all created beings, entitled to all honour. The Shatapatha Brahmana declares that there are two kinds of divinities: gods and Brahmins who have learnt the Vedas. Only the Brahmins were allowed to read and teach the Vedas and hence monopolised the privilege of priesthood in the later Vedic period. They also established that one was born into a caste, which could not be changed except to be outcaste. This became the common practice, which survives till the present.

Today most Brahmins are engaged in other secular activities. However, only a qualified Brahmin can conduct religious ceremonies. These professional priests are now called Pandit, Bhatt or Shastri. There are several subdivisions within the Brahmin caste. Earlier, the different Vedas were preached by Brahmins belonging to specific gotras(some astronomical sign assigned to every brahmin). The subdivisions are therefore based on their gotra or on geographic location. Presently there are 1,800 subdivisions. A Brahmin should be able to trace his origin to one of the seven great sages - Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadvaja, Gautama, Vishvamitra (we relate to this sage!), Jamadagni and Vasishtha. Of these seven, Vishvamitra is said to have been born a Kshatriya and later became a Brahmin after performing severe penance.

Geographically, Brahmins are divided into two main groups - of the north and of the south, each of which has five divisions. The categories of the north are Kanyakubja, Sarasvata, Gauda, Mithila and Utkala. Those of the south are Maharashtra, Telinga, Dravida, Karnataka and Malabar. Each group claims to be the highest category.

Vibhay Kumar Jha

Vibhay Jee

                                Vibhay Jha at Bodh Gaya in 2008.

                                            At Patna High Court , Patna - 2009

                                At Gandhi Museum , Patna - 2009

                               At office - 2006

                                At Rajgeer , Bihar

                                At PatanDevi , Patna City - 2008

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

विभय जी का स्वागत और सम्मान

विभय जी का स्वागत और सम्मान

मेरे पिताजी श्री विनोद नारायण झा

My Papa with Senior B J P Leader Hon Sh LK ADVANI.

Mere Papa

Dad with Hon Shri Nitish Kumar , Cheif Minister - Bihar

Dad with Hon Shri Sushil Kumar Modi , Former Dy Cheif Minister Bihar.

Papa with BJP leaders....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Old is DIAMOND - "Bachpan Ki Yaden"

Old is DIAMOND - "Bachpan Ki Yaden"
                                When i was 2 years old.
                                 In 2000

                                  Dad in US - 1988
                                Papa ..when he was in Class X.

                                Gaon me - 2003

                                With MBA Friends - BLS IM Ghaziabad - 2004

                                My Grand Father

                                 Gurudwara Banglasahib - 2005

                                Haridwar me - 2004

                                Haridwar me - 2004

                                Haridwar me - 2004

                                 With my Aunty in 1984

                                With my Aunty in 1984

                               Dwarka , New Delhi  - 2005

                                Rohini , New Delhi - 2000

                                Kendriya Vidyalaya Pitampura , New Delhi - 1998

                                 Assembly house - Bangalore - 2003

                                Gurgaon - 2005

                                Maunt Abu , Rajastan - 2008

                                School Trip - Nainaital - 1995

                                     School Trip - Nainaital - 1995
                                Pahadi Mandir , Ranchi , Jharkhand - 2000

                                 Rohini , New Delhi - 2005

                                Rohini , New Delhi - 2005

                                   Rohini , New Delhi - 2005

                                  Rohini , New Delhi - 2004

                                 Rohini , New Delhi - 2003

                                Rohini , New Delhi - 2005

                               Rohini , New Delhi - 2005

                               Rohini , New Delhi - 2005

                                Shimla , Himachal Pradesh - 2007

                                   Shimla , Himachal Pradesh - 2007

                                Vaishno Devi , Jammu -  2009

                                Vaishno Devi , Jammu -  2009

                                Nanihal , Malmal, Madhubani - 2000

                                With Papa , at Rohini , Delhi - 2002

                               With Papa - 1997

                                 School Friend Prem - 2001

                                Maunt Abu , Rajasthan - 2008

                                Upanayan Sansakar - 05/02/1990

                               Kendriya Vidyalaya , Pitampura , New Delhi - 1998